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  • Thu, 18:48: Feeling a little sad tonight; just made the decision to unfollow someone I've known since 2000. 😔 Feels very "end o… https://t.co/CpV0xvTw27
  • Fri, 09:09: RT @PrecisionHomes_: French supermarkets are now banned from throwing out unsold food. Edible food has to be donated to charity. Retweet if…
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  • "Keeping It"

    Title (chapter): Keeping It Series: G1-based “Blue” AU Words: ~5123 Setting – Deixar, Cybertron. “Blue” AU, probably about 8 years (1 deci-vorn?)…

  • Nothing Set in Stone (part 1)

    A/N: Grumpy bike is grumpy. Just the start of something I've been batting about for a few months. I posted a few scraps a while ago, this is the…

  • "Nothing Set in Stone" (snippet)

    While Thundercracker skimmed low and slow over the ruins, methodically searching strip by strip for their missing comrade’s signal, Skywarp sat atop…

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