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  • Tue, 19:17: *goes to google for some references for size of pony compared to human* *results: ALL are "my little pony"* I WANT REAL HORSES, dammit.
  • Wed, 11:07: RT @Tara_J_Rose: We knew our staff were outstanding, but now the rest of the country gets to see it too. Proud and then some! #WeAreWSFT ht…
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  • Very excited!

    Two exciting things have happened this week! XD (And no, I'm not talking about my two days off, because it'll actually be three days come tomorrow.)…

  • Memento Mori, Chapters 32 and 33

    At last, I can make the post I have been itching to make since, ooh, about 1st November last year. Drum roll please: Ten months and nineteen days…

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