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  • Sun, 15:36: Having someone copy part of the plot of a short story I wrote shouldn't have made me as cross as it did. After a we… https://t.co/wt8xZflZS2
  • Mon, 06:42: RT @NHSMillion: Professor Stephen Hawking and a host of senior healthcare professionals are taking Jeremy Hunt to court to stop him ‘Ameri…
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  • Auwu

    A quick "mockup", I suppose, for how this little fellow will ultimately come together. I had to take a copy of the original and then cut it up and…

  • "Sunburst" / phoenix mandala

    Just a quick and dirty little mockup in Paint, to see if it looks how I want before I commit to recreating it in real life. (I'm going to stitch it,…

  • "Peafins"

    I revised my "peafin" (yes, peacock-griffin)! I didn't like the way that the anatomy had ended up so strangely "cropped" - at the time, I didn't…

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