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Blue AU UNFINISHED Story Masterlist

Some of the other works I’m sort of fiddling with, in an effort to get back into writing. (You may note a lot are based on dreams. Yes, I dream about TFs a lot. (And more than this list would imply, too. ¬_¬))
02/02/2017: Edited to add some links to finished works, and to clarify this is only a list of stories I'm working on at the moment. Things I finished a while ago aren't being listed.

Remember Me (Blue AU 4)
Follows “Future Tense”, assuming I ever finish it…
You know he’s still out there. With an empty trophy room shelf, with your name on it?
The war is over. Cybertron is settling into a new age of peace and recovery, the wounds of a thousand vorns of civil war slowly healing.

Away on a distant mud-ball world, the warlord everyone had allowed themselves the luxury of forgetting is biding his time, watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Well, you don't put work into rebuilding if the traitors willingly do it all for you. You just need to wait.

Happiness and Beauty
Prompt based. (“Happiness” was Jan 1st and “Beauty” was Jan 2nd. 2015. See how long I’ve been poking it?) Waveguide gets away from the Seekers buzzing around his airspace, and finally locates something like inner peace.

Needs / Wants
Different Kinds of Heat

Two shorts with Pulsar and Thundercracker, set immediately after the second fax!Skywarp has been “dealt with”.
(One of these days I’ll remember if I called it “needs/wants” or “wants/needs”)

Not Age Appropriate
My take on the whole “character is regressed into a sparkling” trope; I’ve always thought it was cute, but my writing doesn’t usually go that way. I think I might have lampshaded it, somewhat…

“See? You polish up pretty nice, when you put your mind to it.”
New Vos is recognised as an autonomous state, at last, and Skywarp finally has a bath.

Based on a dream. Sooort of a play on words; as in, I’ve always ascribed to the notion that TF genders are never fixed, they can change them if they need or want to. How would everyone handle it, though?
(I’m not sure if this is worth pursuing, I don’t know I can do it justice.)

Anger Mismanagement (Done!)
Everybody knew it was a near-certainty that a sparkling raised by former Decepticons would at least have an element of violence in his upbringing, but nobody expected quite such a huge change in Slipstream's behaviour - from that bright-eyed, friendly sparkling to a hostile, belligerent adolescent. Just what has happened since his family's trine crashed out of the war to work such a huge burr into the little mech's plating?

Learning Curve
Follow up to Anger Mismanagement. Sort of.

The Wrong Trousers (aka “Refluxed”)
From a list of prompts for “coupled characters”: Describe or Draw… One borrowing the other’s clothes
Well, since robots don’t wear clothes, what else could they swap?
Skywarp has never seen a seeker so keen to walk friggin’ everywhere.

Based on a dream. This one started out very strange, and has gone even stranger.

Seem makes a new ‘friend’ when Greenbolt moves into his dorm.

Skywarp vs the Volcano
Jet turbines and volcanic ash are not a good mixture.

It’s very difficult to focus when someone it pelting you with snowballs.

Seems like rain
Sometimes it only takes a misunderstanding

Take the Initiative
"Guys like me and TC aren’t that good at noticing subtle hints. We’ve spent most of a lifetime fighting Autobots whose idea of ‘subtle’ was ‘shoot the fraggers out of the sky’. Right? So, if you wanna get us to notice something, you’ve gotta beat it into our heads with a mallet. …some of us with a bigger mallet than others, granted."

Nothing Set in Stone
Ugh. Skywarp!
Just because a planet LOOKS uninhabited doesn't mean it IS.
(This is already 13,000 words of rubbish, haha.)

Keeping It
Whitesides has never been very good at keeping himself out of trouble, and you don't get much bigger problems than an unplanned pregnancy... but sometimes the biggest problem is finding someone you trust enough to talk to about it.

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