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(Goodness, how late is this one? It was due on the 16th March - it's already past the 16th APRIL. (Edit: 18:40 on 23/04/2014! Not bad.) Better late than never. On with the show!)

We had a new trainee in MI with us this week, from monday to thursday; a band 6 pharmacist from Peterborough hospital. I always find looking after trainees quite tiring - this week, I was on call at the weekend, therefore I was tired before I even started work. Cycled to work, therefore tireder. Looking after students, therefore tiredest. I can't see myself doing much productive when I get home in the evenings.

General thoughts:
My plan to get back into cycling isn't going as well as I'd wanted, either. Monday, I cycled. Tuesday, I cycled... but oh no! I get back to the bike sheds to find Whites has a flat. Plus, the bus company apparently don't allow people on board with bikes (I'm not sure WHY - it's all right for the yummy mummy brigade to use their child's (empty) pushchair as a shopping trolley and take up four seats, after all)... so I had to push him all the way home (while ranting to myself that these are frickin' Kevlar tyres. KEVLAR. Bah.) Wednesday and Thursday, I bussed it.

Thursday evening, I actually managed to repair the tyre without having to rely on Doctor Internet! Because on Friday, I was on-call, and needed my pony* repaired so I could use him. I also sorted out some new lights for him, expensive bright lights totes not from Poundland as the previous ones weren't exactly the brightest in the world. (And the screws had rusted beyond ever being salvageable, even with WD40.) So... I managed 2 out of 7? Which isn't that bad? Actually, yes it is. Must try harder.

Nothing to post yet, I'm afraid. I'm still slowly adding to the latest chapters of Memento Vivere and Future Tense but both are slow going. I guess I'm not as "over" my writer's block as I thought I was?



Friday morning's photosession (now Whites is back up and running, fortunately) has been somewhat "fog fog fog fog fog fog fog fog WHITESIDES fog fog fog fog fog fog."
(Update 18/03/2014: I finally found out that what I've been calling the "mysterious boxes in the fog" (middle pic, top row) along Crane Boulevard have an actual name - "Never Ending Line" by Andrei Costache. Typical that people in the comments section of the EADT are whining about it not being art. ("I thought some vandal had pushed half of them over" - pff. No you didn't.) I happen to like them - and I bet they'll look good when the trees around them have grown up a little.



IMG_03283 IMG_03282 IMG_0323 This is a little creature from ia'Maura; the planet in Thunder Daughter. I've temporarily called it a Xochi'quetzal (which I think means "flower serpent") since the Qii are a sort of alien "Mayaztec" culture, but I need to rethink their language a little and sort out their culture, make it a little more alien. This is an old picture, granted, but I ran it through a program that recreates it in words, and I thought the result was cute / "watercolour-y" enough to share. :)

And lastly, finally signed up for an Instagram account: Click here!
I've uploaded a few photographs, but I'm not sure I'll have anything really worth uploading to it... hmm. My nice pics of the mist at the end of Feb were a bit of a fluke.


Monday 10th March: The Thetford Fireball! Never did find out what it was - I'm thinking, "Chinese Lantern".

A few weeks back, I installed the "Rove" app on my phone so I can keep track of how far I walk/bike/whatever each day. Unfortunately, it doesn't really know where I actually AM. The other morning, it thought I was in Priory Park, 1km away from where I ACTUALLY was (at the bus stop on Ravenswood Avenue). It also likes to put me in "Newbury Park", and until recently I had no idea where this even was (300m away, behind the hospital).

"Comedy pizza". I had an advert for this come through my door one day, and it was such a bizarre caricature of fast food that I had to try it. (And actually? It wasn't bad! Just... strange. I wasn't sure which bit I should eat first.)

* - maybe this is why I always think of Whites when I see unicorns in things, these days?

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