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Digest Nine

I guess this "posting stuff late" is going to become a bit of a theme, huh? I only just got around to posting last week's digest. Abi is highly efficient, not. Quite a few pictures for you this week!

General thoughts.

Right now, I'm trying to get back into cycling. I stopped around November last year, because a) I had 2 weeks annual leave and sorta got out of the habit, and b) it's been such rubbish weather, and dark. :( It was glorious on Sunday, though! (And I missed all of it, as I was in work, bah.) So I thought, THIS WEEK will be the week I'm cycling again. (Although, I said that last week, too. HMM.)

We'd been having a discussion on how to pronounce various drug names, in the office, over lunch, and Sam mentioned how someone he knew pronounced metronidazole in quite a strange, "posh" way. It's usually "metro-NI-da-zohl" (NI rhyming with EYE), but instead, this person said "meh-tron-ih-DAR-zo-lay". What did I catch myself saying when I counselled a patient at the hatch? "Your doctor has prescribed you some meh-tron-ih-... wait."


No more writing just yet, although I'm getting close to having another chapter of MV finished! I've got past the bit that was giving me the worst of my writer's block, sort of. I still need to give the story a good blurb, though, so I can finish off the Master Post on the Sapere comm.



We had some nice weather on Saturday 8th, so I went for a little walk to see what's going on around Ravenswood. There always seems to be building work going on around my area, right now, and I love seeing photographs of how things change. So, armed with my trusty little Olympus and my iFern, I went to take some pictures of it all.

     Firstly, some pictures of my flowers. These are in tubs on my balcony. I have a blue tub, and a pink tub, for obvious reasons. At the moment, blue tub is doing well; pink tub has a hyacinth and one anenome, but there's lots of promising daffodils coming.
    More daffs in the grass  Seaking A sunset, and an "enhanced sunset", haha. Playing with filters again. The daffodils are coming out more! Now all we need are the schoolkids to come along and kick all their heads off, again. ¬_¬ *sigh* And the Seaking paid a visit to work - twice, in one day. (We think he was dropping off a prescription, then came back to get it. (Joking).)
     Sunday, I was on-call, and we were pretty busy. Made good time to work, though, and the weather was beautiful. (Shame I didn't get to see more of it, really. ¬_¬)
   One of these days, I'll try and PROPERLY share my cookery exploits (as in, post the recipes). On the left is the "Quorn and Mushroom Stroganoff" (so... mushroom and mushroom?) I made - I put some broccoli in it to give it a bit of colour - then realised I had nothing to have with it, so ended up having a bit of foccacia. Very strange continental mixture. On the right, my Quick'n'Dirty chicken noodle soup, which I often make for lunch. (Stir fry chicken and vegetable, put on top of some dried noodles in the Super Soup Micro-Cup, add stock and water, and voila. By lunchtime, the noodles have rehydrated, and all it needs is about 3 minutes in the microwave.)
   More food sampling! The juice... well, it's juice, isn't it? It was very nice. Juicey. As for the "Mune": it had a strange smell. Reminds me a little of malt extract? You could smell the B vitamins, too, which always puts me off a little in a sweet-ish drink. Tastes a little insipid, but then it's "spring water flavoured with..." I guess it wasn't really sweet? Sort of a watered-down apple-juice taste. Can't really taste the lemon or "tart cherry". It's all right. I'd probably drink it again, although I wouldn't rush out to buy it. :)

This is why we suggest you wash your spacer every now and then! No, this is not mould - it's crystallised Seretide 250. (I tweaked the colours to make the delicate, lacy patterns more visible.)


Exploring Ravenswood

We had some nice weather on Saturday 8th, so I went for a little walk to see what's going on around Ravenswood. There always seems to be building work going on around my area, right now, and I love seeing photographs of how things change. So, armed with my trusty little Olympus and my iFern, I went to take some pictures of it all. I decided to go around in a big loop, from my flat, up to the Tump (Which is essentially a spoil heap from when they were building the houses around here, but it's turned into a sort of art installation), over the top, then round past Bluebird lodge, and past the Co-Op (to buy on-call foods) and back home. (And this stupid table is NOT BEHAVING, argh.)

Looking towards the Tump. It's just off to the left, in front.   Before I got to the Tump I found this little tree, absolutely covered in blossom.   A close-up on the blossom!
I encountered some argumentative blue-tits on my way. I'm not sure who'd upset them.   For context, this is the Tump! The thing on top is art.   And here we are, having hoofed it to the top. We're looking back the way we just came.
To my left, the scruffy fenced off bit of waste ground, which I think they're going to build on. (And footballers.)   Looking straight down from the Tump, to the green at the far end. The waste ground is still to the left.   And to the right? What it will probably all look like, once they're done building.
Sort of "behind and to the left" of my previous position is the River Orwell, just visible between the trees.   Looking up the long ramp behind the Tump. It's really steep at the front, but the back is a very long, slow incline.   From the side of the Tump, I'm now looking up at the art, called "Green Wind", by Diane Maclean.
Lastly, Bluebird Lodge - a small community hospital, essentially. Patients often go there for rehab after operations.   I joked with a friend on the bus, "what do you want to bet they're building a care home next door"?   "...I hate always being right!" (Joking aside, it IS a new care home. There's already a care home a few hundred yards away.)


Hashtag in your hashtag "I herd you like hashtags, so I put a hashtag in your hashtag so.... or something?" Seriously, IpswichCheeseCart. You could do with some cream(cheese) for that hash-rash.

Maybe I'm not seeing what the marketing geniuses are seeing, but... WHY would you want scented toilet roll?!

I think my DVD burning software is a little confused. For sake of making a comparison, Wikipedia says Google processed about 24 petabytes of data per day in 2009.
...Yeah, no, I don't think that'll fit on a DVD, either.

I'm sure there's a load of broken links in this, but I've been working on it for an hour or two and my brain hurts now.
Does help to close your tags sometimes, though.

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