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Late, late, laaaate.


Chapter 15 of MV is complete! *woo!* (Click here for the chapter on DW or LJ) In which Kainda spies on Skydash, much to Lunete's discomfort, and offers Blink a job... much to Blink's discomfort.

36,758 out of 50,000

I've also done a little work on the "Aude Sapere" community, putting together some master posts for individual projects . (I suppose, essentially mirroring the pages on my website, to a degree). So far, I have the following complete:
01. Thunder Daughter (and mirrored on LJ)
02. Good as Gold (and mirrored on LJ)
03. Adverse Camber (and mirrored on LJ)
05. Memento Mori (and mirrored on LJ)
Sapere Galaxy species (and mirrored on LJ)
I need to finish up the pages for 04 TnF, 06 MV, and the short story book idea I'm still futzing about with.


It has been another of those weeks where the weather can't seem to make up its mind. The start of the week was glorious and sunny... then it got rainy on thursday. But I spotted the first spring flowers out near where I live! And one of the anemones on my balcony is coming into flower. (It reminds me of Audrey II, just a bit.) I tried "The Instagram Effect" on them, by putting some filters on them and trying to liven the colours up a little - but then, a crap photo with a filter is still a crap photo. The first photo is of the daffodils in the grass, then I got down to ground level and took a couple of closeups. The last couple of photos are just me trying to be arty by taking photographs of a wet window.

Spring flowers  Audrey II?  Spring flowers  Rainy thursday  Rainy thursday

Another Bounce I had another Bounce! This time, in exciting red. Nice, nutty etc... but not so nice as the previous one. It was less crunchy - more like a half-assed attempt at peanut butter.


struck by lightning
A colleague of mine discovered that apparently, if you're on carbamazepine? You can be struck by lightning as a side effect. Who knew? Fortunately, it wasn't fatal. (Seriously, who decided to report this? What were their thought patterns? "Hm, I've been struck by lightning, but I was never struck by lightning before. It must be those new tablets to blame!")

hammer-drill-vibrator Some wonderful juxtaposition of items going on from Groupon. A vibrator next to... a hammer drill. One for the girls, one for the boys?

...well, it's true enough, I guess?
...Well, it's true enough, I suppose? "What are" is definitely just two words.

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