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Digest Three

Week 3!
Let's see if I can actually post it on time, this week.
(Edit: ...that would be a "no" then.)

Big Garden Birdwatch
This saturday and sunday was the RSPB's "Big Garden Birdwatch". OK, I don't have a garden, I have a balcony, but I put plenty of food out for my birdies. I haven't really seen a whole lot lately, though, aside from the robin (and what feels like all the starlings in east Suffolk, there must have been a good two hundred out there the other day). Maybe there's bigger, better, more-accessible, less-windswept gardens for them?


Diverse Weather
Foggy Morning SpiderwebsTuesday morning started out foggy, and chilly, too, -1C. It's really not been cold at all this winter, so far - impossibly rainy, but not cold. The fog gathered on all the spiderwebs, then froze; you don't really realise how many spiderwebs there are until the weather is obnoxious. I took a few badly-focused snaps with my phone.

Foggy MorningAs the morning wore on, the fog actually got heavier - you could see it roll in across the trust.

ThunderstormThen on Saturday, we got a thunderstorm! I made my usual effort to catch the lightning, but by the time I got lucky it had mostly passed overhead. I got a few more shots of superbright!sky, but no actual lightning.

After the storm Misleadingly dark, though. It seemed a lot later than it actually was, so when the stormclouds had rolled over, I was surprised to still see blue sky on the horizon.

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