Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Digest Two

It's sunday again! My second "Weekly Digest Post", which seems to be proving how unproductive I'm being outside of work. ¬_¬

It's been a pretty hectic week at work - the first pair of pre-regs did their last sessions with us (so I need to write their testimonials etc), and on Monday the second pair start. (As ever,) It's quite hard to keep up with the workload (checking their enquiries, and doing my own). It probably didn't help that I had other things I had to do, like the 3-hour "Lorenzo" (electronic patient records/results/notes/etc) training, on their last day.

Art wise, I've experimented a little with the Apophysis fractal flame generating program - I'd love to be able to work out how to create those incredible, organic forms I see posted on different sites, but right now I'm a complete dunce at it, just tweaking the triangles without really knowing what I'm doing. If I create anything particularly spectacular (haha) I'll post something, but right now it's mostly "blobs".

And I've written a little bit! I've got a chapter of MV finished.

( Fake cut to chapter 14 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which a certain curly-haired fessine makes an exciting discovery, and our heroines discuss "the Lunete problem".

32,423 out of 50,000

At the moment I'm still mostly setting things up, but the Notdragons will make their appearance soon.

Edit: Look, seriously, this is silly. I wrote the post on time, and then failed spectacularly to post it. *headdesk* Clearly, mentioning how "Digest One sounds like the title of a post-apocalyptic novel" was tempting fate.

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