Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Digest One

So, it's Sunday. The first of my one-off "Weekly Digest Posts" to try and keep myself on track with my resolution of being productive and writing more! (To think I wrote Screaming Blue Murder - 200,000 words - in just a few months, a few years ago.)

I've procrastinated put together a spreadsheet so I can monitor how many words I've not managed to write, so I can see if I'm actually writing more, or just... moving things around. (Today, I have written... about 200 words so far. I was aiming for 2000. I suppose it's a start.)

Next, pictures! Well, one. I spotted one of the robins visiting my balcony has learned to hang off the wire feeder, and finally got a couple of photographs of him/her on it. (Robins aren't really built for this - hopping on the ground and fighting, yes; hanging off feeders, no.)

And finally... it's raining, again. Back to writing.

("Digest One" makes me think of the title of some post-apocalyptic novel, or a distant space station, or something.)

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