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Happy 2014!

All right. It’s a week late. I know, I haven’t really been around online much, lately (um, make that, since mid-October... mid-June?...), so this is probably just par for the course? Better late than never, I suppose.

Happy New Year!
Welcome, 2014


Last year, I felt spectacularly unproductive. I didn’t seem to achieve anything I wanted – spent most of my time either planning things (which then also didn’t come to fruition), or just going through old things and throwing them away.

This year, I want to actually have something to show for all the time I spend on things. I want to get back into good writing habits – 1000 words a day, if possible, not the measly 200 or so I’ve managed (on a good day) lately. I want to draw more, too. I just want to be productive.

Hence, this year I want to start making a weekly digest post of what I’ve been working on, what’s been happening in the world, maybe some photographs, even if I don’t have enough creative work to post “officially”, starting from this coming Sunday. We’ll see how long I can keep that up for. (I’m going to bet “one week”. I’ll put a pound in a jar every week I successfully remember to post a digest, and we’ll see what I’ve saved at the end of the year, haha. If it’s anything more than £5, I’ll donate it to charity.)

…this post doesn’t count, by the way. *shifty eyes*

After my two week annual leave in November, I took a break from cycling (except days when I’m on-call, when I have no choice), as it’s been so dark and gloomy in the mornings and the weather has been terrible. I need to get back in the habit, but maybe it'll take until the weather gets a bit better, because honestly? I'm not-so-secretly a little scared of cycling on the roads, after several near-misses of my own last year. I DO cycle on the road (unless there's a lovely cycle path), I just prefer it when it's not rush hour, because some motorists get seriously close when passing. (And you DON'T NEED TO, please. I know I'm slow, but there's this thing called a HILL. I know you don't notice it, in your weather-proof, motorised, heated safety-box. The two seconds you saved by barging past me and almost knocking me off with your wing mirror? Seriously. Grow up.)

Plus, I walked past this accident only a few minutes after it happened, last week - I got there just before the police arrived, but the ambulance was there and the poor woman was still laying on the road surrounded by paramedics. (I'm checking the EADT every day to see if they update on how she is, but I doubt they will.) That junction is terrible, though; once you get to the little traffic island at the centre, you can't see anything coming from the town centre until it's almost on you, by which time it's almost too late, because there's a honking great fence in the way. I've had to dive out of the way of things coming around the corner, myself. :(

In better news, I did learn how to repair a puncture! On my way home after an on-call, Whites suddenly felt very "heavy" and I realised he had a very soggy front wheel; I debated going to Halfords and getting them to fix it, but decided that no, I should know how to do these things. So, the internet told me how to do it, and I now know how to fix a hole in a front tyre, at least! (...I have no idea how I'll manage changing a rear-tyre.)

And the Number 6 bus has been rerouted again, this time in my favour! Hurrah Ipswich Buses.

History: Back in the summer (I think?), the Ipswich Buses Number 6 got diverted down Lindbergh Road, and my 4 minute, 350m-ish stroll to the bus-stop turned into a 10-minute, 1km hike. Which wasn’t so bad, except the weather has been a little unfriendly, of late, and there's no shelter at the stop I caught it from.

Yesterday, the revised number 6 route came into force. Essentially, they did away with the number 3, routed the 6 along the 3’s old route, and extended it so it went all the way to the hospital, which is fantastic. :) Now, I have a 30 second walk to the bus stop. XD

Pleeease, IB, let's keep it this way. It's sensible, people like it, and it goes everywhere we need it to go. The only thing we need now are buses that run a bit later than 7:44pm.

Lastly, for a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to remove my work from FA. Suffice it to say, there have been some recent administrative decisions on staff and policies that make me rather… uncomfortable? and which I’d rather not support by using the site.

I don’t have a lot of watchers, and never really contributed past posting the occasional piece of art, so it’s not like it’ll make much impact, and to be honest? I was never all that comfortable putting non-furry art on a primarily furry website – seemed a little hypocritical. So maybe it was for the best anyway. I just needed that last nudge to wipe my gallery.


So, Happy 2014! We got there eventually. Let's hope it's a good one.

Edit: And drat, after everything, I still managed to futz my HTML. Please be fixed now?
Edit2: I already changed my mind. It'll be Sunday evening, i.e. end-of-the-week, not Saturday.

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