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NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I fell asleep instead of do ANYTHING last night. While part of me is well-rested and fairly alert for its-not-even-8:30-am-yet, the other part of me is flailing around going "aaaugh I still haven't QUITE got my plot down and there's still a planet without a name, not to mention the notdragons don't have a proper word for their species and I have NO IDEA how I'm going to name them since their language is unpronounceable and I can hardly call them Huffsqueak or Clickfart (although now I kind of want to)."

SO, ideas:
(I'm not going to post my plot, for obvious reasons.)

Blink (obviously; fessine)
Skydash (femme. No relation to the rainbow variety, also notapony)
Rae and Aspazija (on Hesger only; they do talk a little by radio, maybe)
Viveka (kiravai, pen; "Beautiful voice") and the esu'imi
Captain Jadiga si'Danukat (medusi) and family (Truda (f), Saloma(f) and Miers (spur)) - captain of police frigate
Kainda si'Needsasurname ("Kay-IN-dah") and family (Lunete (f), Egils (s), Grieta (f) and 3rd (f))
Capt. Ivir (kiravai, cob; captain of warship patrolling the Imperial border)
Captured Gok (not sure if this will EVER have a name)
Various notdragons - a green one that is (reasonably) kind, dark red one is leader of colony.

Neolithic notdragon colony; within Imperial territory so it needs a kiravai name, ia'Something
Planet with a Gok colony; I want to call it something silly and "romantic" like Mist or Fog or something. (I quite like "Fog", actually. Hmm. *ponders*)

...I'll probably add to this as I think of things.

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