Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

St Jude blows out...

My little part of the country survived with thankfully little damage; mostly fence panels down, a few bent TV aerials, and the ground covered in lots of leaves and bits of stick. I noticed a whole tree snapped off at its base just off Lindbergh Road, and some branches down (there's a gaping hole in one of the old hawthorns up Bixley Road), but that was pretty much it.

At least I still had electricity when I got home, in spite of what the power company said, which is more than some of my colleagues had (and their power is still off this morning, eek. You'd have to go to work just for a cup of tea!).

Storm damage
1987 vs 2013
Photos on Suffolk iwitness
Photos on the BBC

...now I know my flat survived, I can get back to plotting. ¬_¬ (Only 3 days to go, eek.)

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