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"Sunburst" / phoenix mandala

Just a quick and dirty little mockup in Paint, to see if it looks how I want before I commit to recreating it in real life. (I'm going to stitch it, I think.) It's only the background of a larger picture, although I quite like the look of it anyway and might end up using it "as is" as well. (The little white dots are just where the "holes" were on my template. They won't be on the finished thing.)
''Sunburst'' Mandala
Click to enlarge

In other news, I have been inspired by the project muffins_of_god is participating in, and wondered if writing some shorter things might kick my writing brain back into gear.

This "mandala" was going to be part of some art associated with one of the stories. It's quite an old idea, although I don't know if I ever posted anything about it publically (I think I came up with it back in Uni, which was before I had an LJ) - a kidnapped kiravai child (who grows up to become one of my old semi-regular characters) is helped to safety by a creature from their mythology.

Edit: For goodness sake, LJ. Why is it SO HARD to post pictures (in a way that is not distorted or too small to see) from the scrapbook now? The old scrapbook was so much more user friendly. >:(

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