Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Ipswich Waxwings

I spotted these at around 17:45 today. :) And I probably wouldn't have seen them at all if not for the shrieking throng (ok, there was about 5, but they made enough noise for about 30, haha) of 10-11 years olds leaping around on the propellor statue in the grassy-gardeny-bit outside the flat.

At first, all I could see were a group of dull grey-brown birds, and automatically assumed them to be (very early?) juvenile starlings, as a big flock of them had just flown over. Then I realised they weren't really behaving like starlings (they were being FAR too polite), then I spotted the white on the wings, and realised hey, they're not starlings at all.


My birdfeeding endeavours are not really helping the tiny birds I thought I'd be helping. I put food out (1 tray, 2 hanging feeders), but usually it's eaten by either: a) 300 starlings, which all descend on the food bowl en-masse, b) woodpigeons, although I have partially foiled them by moving the tray JUST out of reach, or c) rooks. Yes, rooks. On my birdfeeders. What.

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