Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Feedback, Amazon?

I think it's the Amazon feedback system that needs the feedback.

"Important Messages
There was an error with your submission.
You must leave both a rating AND a comment for a seller in order to submit feedback.
Buyers and sellers benefit the most from feedback when they understand why a transaction partner was satisfied or dissatisfied. Please enter a comment."

Dear Amazon:
I am fully in favour of encouraging people to give feedback on the independent salespeople that use your site, so the good salespeople get the praise (and hence additional sales) they deserve, and the scammers fail to scam, but your system is rather... flawed. The tickboxes? Are quick and convenient. The "you must comment or your tickbox evaluation won't be submitted" thing? Not so much.

Let's face it, a lot of people won't HAVE a comment unless it's a complaint. I've already ticked "Item arrived by 13 March 2013? Yes. Item as described by the seller? Yes. How would you rate the seller? 5 stars, excellent". What else CAN I say?? It arrived on time, and was as described. I was satisfied. Why do I have to repeat myself in the comments? What else is there to say? "It had a very nice yellow bubble envelope with a printed address sticker and everything"?

(For the record, my comment was something along the lines of "item as described", which I know... isn't precisely helpful... but it wasn't exactly a memorable experience. I ordered something, it arrived within the window specified, I opened it and there it was, as the text on the page described it.)

I know making the comments section non-mandatory will mean people don't leave comments, but surely getting SOME feedback is better than people not bothering because they have to make a comment. I've given up on leaving feedback in the past because I typed everything in, then it told me I had to log in and lost the comment, and... why so many hoops, Amazon? >:(

(...I'm not going to touch on the whole tax evasion thing.)

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