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Snowwy facts

Brr! First snow of 2013 fell in Ipswich tonight - most of it falling during my journey home, bah! At least I don't have to trudge to work in it, for a change.

2 things I learned today:
1. You can't radio collar a male polar bear, because its neck is larger in diameter than its head and it just slips it off.
2. I can still (just about) remember how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull - you know, that Icelandic volcano that erupted in 2010 and messed up everyone's air travel, and that no-one knew how to pronounce.

I'm now on annual leave for a few days. WOO. :) I wonder if I'll have anything at all creative to show for it (I've been working a little on some species profiles, PLUS! I'm going to see if I can wrange FT into behaving so I can write some more), or just random facts gleaned from BBC Wildlife shows.

Edit: Oh! And I've been exploring "Salton City" (well, metaphorically, via Google Maps - it's in California). Someone on the "abandoned places" LJ community mentioned they'd been there and posted a video, and it's fascinating, in a sad, abandoned sort of way. There's an incredible network of roads, all with names, and... almost completely devoid of houses! Just empty, broken tarmac, and desert. (What amazes me most is that in spite of the emphatic nothingness of the place, there's still close to 4000 people living there. And a fire station! What a lonely job. :( )
I was going to embed a map and put it under a cut, but evidently Google maps and LJ/DW don't get on.

Edit: And what are all these little speckles on the water, I wonder? All I can guess is that they're waves reflecting the sun, but I'm sure that's wrong.

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