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Tonight, I'm on-call.

This usually means, I cycle, because Ipswich Buses seem to think everyone living my end of town is safely tucked up in bed by 8pm so they don't have to run ANY services after that time. (The last bus from the hospital on the number 6 route is 19:40.) (Disclaimer: All right, I can understand their logic, if only one person catches the bus - which used to be quite common on the late night services - it's not financially viable. It doesn't make it any less annoying, though.) I'm not a fan of cycling in the rain, especially on the way TO work, because it means taking even MORE clothes to change into, and having wet hair etc for most of the morning.

This morning, I looked out of my window, and what did I see?

Yep. Little flakes of white stuff gently floating down.

OK world, I reached my break point. Sorry, Whites, but NOPE.gif. I'm getting the bus.

What is particularly annoying is that in the 20 minutes or so between me getting up and me making a cup of tea, it appears to have distinctly settled. ¬_¬ And it's still falling. I'm going to have to finally break out the headsprout for the year.

Edit: Hurgh, Gmail. Your new "compose" interface might be "faster, cleaner and slicker", but why doesn't it FILL THE SCREEN? It's quite distracting to have it in the corner as a stray floating box like a chat window.

Edit2: By the time I left the house, we had about a centimetre of thin, slippery, sludgy white mush that was already melting. THIS IS NOT SNOW, world. And it's really hard to walk on. :( And because of the sheer volume of traffic out there (probably mostly from people getting in their cars to drive 200 yards), it made my bus 20 minutes late. (Bus should be at the stop about 7:40, got to the stop at 7:50, then it took 10 minutes to get out onto the roundabour at Sainsbury's. I'm usually AT WORK by 7:50)

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