Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Great. Because this isn't worrying at all:

Way back in september (I think?), I bought some fitted wardrobes. They're due to be delivered tomorrow, then installed on thursday*, but I was meant to get a phonecall today from the depot to arrange a "four hour delivery window".

It's... 16:45, and I haven't had a call yet. Slightly worried. I had to reorganise when the wardrobes would be delivered, in the first place, as I had to shuffle my annual leave around a little, and now I'm starting to worry that something has gone wrong and they didn't record the new date we arranged.

So, I phoned the number I have for my advisor. I get an automated message.

"Hello! Unfortunately, due to an emergency, the call centre has been evacuated. (Something about getting back to work as soon as it's safe) Please try again later."


* - I know, it's a long time between purchase and delivery; it could have been earlier, if I'd wanted, but I did it intentionally to tie in with my annual leave.

Edit: Finally found a template I liked for my Dreamwidth! Tweaked the colours a bit, though, so it matches my website. SO GREEEN

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