Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Ammut I was aiming for the sort of... Aztec/Maya/Egyptian style I used for these wee beasties, again. Not sure I managed it, precisely, but I still like how she turned out.

I have another handful of Egyptimayan-mashup pictures to finish off, so there might be more like this on the way - if I ever get them finished. (I was going to suggest people give me ideas for other creatures to doodle up, but I'll blatantly never get them finished - I mean, this took me months already - so.)

Edit: Only 16159 words: I must get on. I want to be at 17000 or so by the end of the day - I'm building up a little buffer so that when I'm too tired to work on it (because I've been looking after the pre-regs), I can collapse and sleep with a clear conscience.
Tags: ammut, art, maya-style
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