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50 Questions!

I stole this off Danji (on FA) a few weeks ago, in the run-up to NaNoWriMo, and started to fill it in in the spirit of "getting into that writing frame of mind", but never actually finished it enough to post until now.

The instructions were:
1) Choose one of your original characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then tag three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.
...but I was a rulebreaker. ^^

First up was Mirii; she's supposed to still be a rather naive little thing, at the time of filling this in. This is actually the second time I've filled this in - first time, she got quite cantankerous about some of the questions, and then my computer fell over anyway and I lost my responses, drat. Second time lucky?


OC: Mirii

1) What gender are you? Visually female, although this is mostly technicality and choice, as I have no genes and am sterile. I imagine I could change this if I wanted to, or it became necessary, although I currently do not have any reason to.

2) What is your age? I was modelled after a young adult female, but my current emotional development does not quite match the age I was designed to mimic. This is something I am continually working on improving.

3) Do you want a hug? No thank you. I do not know who you are, or why you would want to.

4) Do you have any bad habits? I am unsure. Can a behaviour be defined as “bad” if it is unintentional, and an individual ceases the behaviour when they are corrected? If, for instance, you have not been told of – or simply do not understand – a particular social convention? Sei tell me most of my “inappropriate” manners are naïve rather than intentionally bad, and I am happy to alter them if I know they are improper. With that in mind, however, I believe my worst ‘habit’ to be inquisitiveness; if I do not understand something, Sei has always encouraged me to be curious and educate myself, however I find that people often interpret my questioning as offensively intrusive. It is often difficult to know what I should and should not ask about.

5) What is your favourite food? I do not require nutrition as you would understand it, and do not have a sense of taste, so I do not have a personal favourite. There are some foods my parents have told me I cook quite well, however, so I would tentatively call those “my” favourites; I cannot enjoy them myself, but I enjoy being told I have done a good job.

6) What is your favourite ice-cream flavour? Although I have no experience of it, I anticipate ice-cream to be a food, as you are asking me about its flavour? I have already informed you I have no gustatory perception. This question seems redundant.

7) Are you a virgin? Are you referring to sexual activity? I am not sure why you perceive the answer to this to be something you are entitled to know.

8) Have you killed anyone? No. Why would I do such a thing? Is this common in your society, for people to kill each other?

9) Do you hate anyone? No. Should I? Your line of questioning is currently tending rather towards violence, and I am not sure I like it.

10) Do you have any secrets? I have no reason to keep any, and I am not planning any surprises.

11) What is your favourite season? I appreciate most seasons equally; all have aspects I do and do not enjoy. I would tentatively suggest that winter is my least favourite season, as the weather is often severe, which makes the ground rather treacherous to walk on and sometimes kills the plants in our garden. I also do not enjoy particularly hot summers, as the heat makes it difficult to control my core temperature; I do not enjoy having to stay indoors where it is cooler.

12) Who is your best friend(s)? My dear Sei is my best friend. I am not sure anyone else would treat me so kindly, with such patience, especially when I have made a serious error in judgement. I am always grateful for his love and guidance, and the way he explains things I do not understand. (I find biological creatures have odd sets of behaviour that do not always make sense, and sometimes alarm me.)

13) What are your hobbies? I enjoy creative endeavours, although I am not very good at them at present. My hope is that by working on art and developing my creative abilities, I can encourage my emotional growth and improve my interactions with my fellow kiravai.

14) What is your favourite drink? I do not require liquid nutrition. My ‘digestive tract’ is non-functional. You have already asked me about food and I have already given you this information.

15) When is your birthday? I was not ‘born’ and thus did not have a day of birth. I also think you may have used the wrong grammatical tense; the day on which I first became conscious of myself and my surroundings occurred in the past, and the enquiry should have been ‘when was’.

16) What age did you die? But I am not dead. Are you threatening me? Are you intentionally trying to confuse me? I am not enjoying answering all these questions, please can we return to the logical ones?

17) Are you nice or mean? I try to be nice – I do not see that being mean serves any useful purpose. People have called me “stand-offish” or “cold”, before, but I consider that primarily because I am not always clear on the best way to greet people I do not know, especially those who are not kiravai. Every species has so many different types of social structure, it becomes quite bewildering!

18) Are you social or shy? I do like to meet new people (and not just because the more people I meet, the better I understand how to interact with them, although it does help), but our world has quite a small population as we are close to the Imperial border, which makes people uneasy. I have also learned that not everyone I meet has my interests in mind, seeing me for what and not who I am. It is unfortunate that some people have ulterior motives.

19) What do you think of your parents? My “parents” are good, honest people with whom I have always had a good relationship. I still enjoy their company; they often visit Sei and I.

20) What is your weakness? I am not sure of the context of this question. I cannot function well in extremes of heat, and although my cortex is highly shielded, strong magnetic fields disrupt electronic transmission in my body.

21) How long can you stay underwater? I have not sought to investigate this. I expect it would depend on the temperature of the water? And of course, the depth of it. My skin functions quite well as a temperature-exchanger to relieve any excess heat from my core, when my exhaust bellows are out of action, but only in cool water.

22) What do you do on a regular day basis? Do you desire to understand my entire daily routine? I am not sure you will find it interesting. I rise early, and join Sei on the terrace to listen and participate in the dawn greetings. I bathe, dress, tend my hair and makeup. I say my farewells to Sei, if it is a day on which he is working; I then tend to household chores, with which Lim and Suni often assist. If I am entertaining guests, I prepare food… are you certain you wish to know my whole routine? My non-biological nature does not mean my routine differs greatly from that of any other mistress of the house. (Incidentally, it should be “daily basis”, I believe.)

23) Do you love someone? Yes, I love Sei very much.

24) When was the last time you wet yourself? Although my skin does not renew itself as does biological skin, and thus I do not suffer from a build-up of sebum and dead skin cells, I like to wash at least on a daily basis. I may wash my skin more frequently if I am doing work that gets my hands dirty, such as gardening.

25) What is your favourite band? I do not have a particular favourite; I enjoy all those musicians that can play music I can dance to. (Although I do particularly appreciate those with good technical ability – I may not have chosen to learn to play an instrument myself, but I can recognise incorrect notes.)

26) Have you ever worn a dress? Of course. It is standard attire for a pen of my social standing.

27) Willingly? I am not sure I understand this question. Do you mean it to follow on from your previous question, “have I worn a dress willingly”? Of course. Why would I do so unwillingly? Is there something about wearing a dress that I should object to?

28) What do you consider fun in the day time? I like to spend time on my hobbies.

29) At night? There are low levels of light at night, so I prefer to use this time to perform those tasks Sei calls “mental housekeeping”. It seems more logical to do so at this time of day than to do so during daytime, when I could be making better use of the improved light levels. I am not sure I would call it “fun”, but I enjoy dreams, as they allow me to better my understanding of situations I find confusing.

30) Ever kissed anyone? Although I understand your term, we kiravai have different facial anatomy and do not ‘kiss’ in the way you would understand it, but in the spirit of the sentiment: yes, I have ‘kissed’ Sei.

31) Of the same gender? Again assuming this question to follow from the previous one: No, I have not.

32) What's your favourite thing to touch? I do not believe I have a favourite. I think my tactile senses may be different from yours.

33) Anyone loves you? Sei. In addition, there are a number of individuals that have told me they love me, however I am not clear on their honesty, sincerity,

34) What is your favourite colour(s)? I like all colours, although I particularly appreciate those which go best with my skin tone. Blues and lilacs seem well suited, due to their position on the “colour wheel”.

35) When was the last time you cried? Why do you want to know this? It seems rather morbid. I do not wish to tell you.

36) Do you have a pet? Sei and I treat Lim and Suni as pets. Technically, they are the core part of our home security system, but they are “animal shaped” and most people consider them to be akin to imi.

37) Are you crazy? …no?

38) What are you? I am a kirasiinu pen; a synthetic, autonomous, computer-based organism, modelled after a kiravai female. I am designed to be visually indistinguishable from the biological form, although I often find my behaviours give me away. I am not quite such an accomplished mimic as Sei, just yet. I hope to improve with time!

39) What is your nickname? I am not sure what a ‘nickname’ is. Everyone calls me by my official name, which is Mirii.

40) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person? I assume “down” to mean “unhappy”, given the context? If that is the case, I usually consider myself happy.

41) If you were any super hero, you'll be...: “You will” implies something that is going to happen. While I would like to be a hero, I am not clear of the definition of super, in this case. Extra special hero? Or is it shorthand, for superintendent? A hero who oversees others?

42) Favourite movie? I am not sure what a movie is. Is this a typo? Are you referring to movement? I do not think I have a favourite motion.

43) What is your current occupation? I am the lady of the house, so I mainly look after household chores. I do have a fair amount of free time, as we do not need meals to be prepared unless we have visitors.

44) Who do you know that bugs you? What does this mean?

45) Have you 'done it' in the past month? Done what? The numbering of this survey is correct, but I think you may have missed the question immediately before this one, as this does not make any sense. Or are you referring to “bugging” someone? I am not clear on the meaning of this term.

46) Ever think about getting married? I am already married.

47) Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex? What is a “sleep over”? Would the other person not find it painful to be slept upon? I do not sleep and have not been informed of this practice.

48) When was the first time you 'did it'? I have not had a “sleepover” at all so there is no “first time”.

49) Do you have any piercings anywhere? I wear Marks on my ears, but that is all. In my time among the Qii, I was given some additional piercings, however I removed these when I was rescued.

50) Who do you tag? I do not understand this question.


I WAS only going to answer from the POV of Mirii, but a certain attention-seeker said “do me, too” (which made Skywarp snicker). SO, my snuggly (well, snuggliest, they're all overly tactile dammit) sparklebike has had a turn as well.


OC: Whitesides

1) What gender are you? Such a binary question to ask! Currently, I am ‘male’, but perception of gender is mostly a… a social thing for my people – a fairly abstract one, too. The concept only really existed after we had contact with biological creatures. We’re all pretty much the same, where it counts.

2) What is your age? Oh, a good few thousand solar orbits – in other words, old enough to know better. I strolled off a production line at the start of the civil war. (Well, it was more of a sprint for cover than a stroll, but you know what I mean.) It’s only lately I’ve started ‘growing’, though.

3) Do you want a hug? If my nephew is to be believed, I “always want a hug”. However, I don’t know who you are, and why you want to give me a hug, and bad experiences with strangers have made me a little cautious in my old age. (Besides, what have you heard? My plating isn’t quite so loose as it has been in the past, thank you.) So for now, I think I’ll decline the offer, thanks.

4) Do you have any bad habits? Plenty. …Oh, did you want to know about them? Well, I don’t pick at my catches or vent exhaust at inappropriate times, but I’m loud (I’m a bike, it’s part of the package), opinionated (we get used to having nobody listen to us), and clingy. Is that good enough for you?
(Plus, I can’t seem to keep from getting involved in trying to help resolve ‘trouble’, which is a huuugely bad habit for someone small and easily-smashed-up with no backup. Once a cop, always a cop, I guess? That, or I’m just irrepressibly nosey.)

5) What is your favourite food? For the sake of being pedantic, I do not eat. I am quite partial to those little green fulminating ‘candies’ that Lance goes silly over, though.

6) What is your favourite ice-cream flavour? I’m not sure I know what ice cream is? It sounds like something I should use for cleaning my exterior, for getting frost damage out.

7) Are you a virgin? A what? …oh, I get it; something to do with that obsession you little squishies have with interfacing, correct? Well, I have four children, so you work it out.

8) Have you killed anyone? Not recently. During the war was another matter, but I don’t know that I want to go into that.

9) Do you hate anyone? “Hate” is a very strong word that I’m not sure I’d use. There’s people I’m terrified of, and people I prefer not to have contact with, but I don’t know there’s many I actively hate. Not even Greenbolt – I think I’m mostly scared of him.

10) Do you have any secrets? Yes. (They won’t be secrets if I tell you them.)

11) What is your favourite season? We don’t have much air and we’re a long way away from our sun, so we only really have one “season” at home, and that’s “cool and dry”. I quite like it; means I can spend less time and credits on topping off my coolant and cleaning fluid. Alien planets all tend to be too wet or hot or dusty for my liking.

12) Who is your best friend(s)? Aside of course from my wonderful Lance… I consider myself very fortunate to have as many friends as I have (and I’m quite sure I don’t deserve them all). I don’t like to pick a “favourite”, but I have always been close to my sisters, and Celerity, and lately to Slipstream’s friends too. (Sunny and Joyride kept me from a self-imposed emotional self-destruct, shortly after I crashed out of the police.)

13) What are your hobbies? I don’t have many – until recently, my life revolved around “herding my children”. Since they finally got lives of their own and left home, I’ve found home is a little too quiet – and I have a lot of time on my hands, now I’m not spending most of it tidying up after them. It may sound odd, for a society which doesn’t need clothing, but I do enjoy sewing; we still use fabrics, and it’s handy to be proficient with a needle and thread. I’ve also developed an interest in politics, lately.

14) What is your favourite drink? …My options are rather limited. If given the option, I’d choose something like high-grade or an exotic double-filtered, but we can’t usually afford it.

15) When is your birthday? My what?

16) What age did you die? Age is not an especially meaningful measure, in my society. Besides, my death was faked.

17) Are you nice or mean? I try to be nice, although I don’t always manage it. Plus it’s difficult to strike a balance between being nice, and having people think I’m flirting with them. (Old habits are difficult to shake off, I guess…?) I just don’t see much point to actively being mean.

18) Are you social or shy? Very social. Probably why I find Tysta so quiet. Bikes tend to be fairly gregarious; we’re pretty small, and through our history, we’ve been seen as… well, ‘disposable’ is probably the politest description. We have to look out for each other, because (almost) no-one else seems to want to, and usually go around in little groups. I’m a bit of a mould-breaker, working alone.

19) What do you think of your parents? I have no parents; I walked off a production line with my sisters. It makes it difficult to know if I’m doing a good job as a parent, sometimes, but I figure I must have done something right for three out of my four little sparks to turn out reasonably well-adjusted.

20) What is your weakness? Structural or emotional? :P Can I be a sap and say Lance? He always manages to make my struts go woolly.

21) How long can you stay underwater? I don’t know; I can’t say I’ve ever tried. I don’t really want to flood my regulators and it’d probably take forever to dry my venting. What would be the point, anyway? I’m a bike, not a submarine.

22) What do you do on a regular daily basis? Take my life into my hands trying to deliver things, mostly to folk who never heard of the concept of being grateful, and without being mugged and having my panniers stolen. The postmech’s lot in life is never easy. All right, I’m being melodramatic – I do quite enjoy my job. Gregarious little thing, and all that.

23) Do you love someone? Lance, of course; my very own knight in shining armour. I owe him my spark, my life and my sanity; without him, I wouldn’t be talking to you now.

24) When was the last time you wet yourself? I try and avoid it; experience dictates that removing rust from cracks in one’s plating is hard work. Solvent based cleansers work more efficiently and dry faster, anyway.

25) What is your favourite band? Well, 992 MHz is my usually comms frequency. I’m… not seeing why I should have a favourite, though?

26) Have you ever worn a dress? No. Why would I? We don’t wear clothing – it performs no useful function, gets in the way, and snags.

27) Willingly? Redundant question; see above.

28) What do you consider fun in the day time? Is this when I’m not working? I mean, I don’t mind working (nice to still be employed!) and it’s nice to get out and about, meeting people. Otherwise, I indulge my hobbies – and I enjoy politics. (Lance doesn’t enjoy me enjoying politics because he says it makes me “ranty”, but I think I’m entitled to it every now and then. My class of machine has always been treated like throwaway members of society, even though we’re responsible for a big chunk of the infrastructure, and we deserve better treatment!)

29) At night? At night… what? “What do you consider fun at night time”? Same as during the day, I think. Why are you making a special distinction between hours of daylight and hours where there is none? Are the streetlights not good enough? The sun isn’t that bright!

30) Ever kissed anyone? Plenty. (Although it wasn’t always completely willingly, on my part, thanks to certain, ah, ‘jobs’ I’ve had in the past.)

31) Of the same gender? Again with the “gender” thing. Does it really matter?

32) What's your favourite thing to touch? I-… what? Are you running out of ideas, here? I haven’t ever thought about it. Lance, I guess?

33) Anyone loves you? Lancet, I hope ¬_¬

34) What is your favourite colour(s)? I don’t think I have one. Colours are that important? What’s this obsession with favourites, anyway?

35) When was the last time you cried? I recall being quite the emotional wreck when my little girl left home. I’m still not entirely sure it wasn’t partly my fault? She had a tough time of it as a sparkling. I still miss her.

36) Do you have a pet? No. Companion animals don’t do well with our cold, airless atmosphere, and we barely have enough fuel to keep ourselves going, let alone give some of it to a “pet”.

37) Are you crazy? Please define further. If you mean, “do you have a psychiatric illness”, then no, I do not. I am “crazy” about certain people, though…

38) What are you? “Objectionable, noisy, opinionated little bike.”

39) What is your nickname? Whites. (We’re not always especially imaginative.)

40) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person? Well, I try to be happy! I haven’t always been, and some days it’s difficult, particularly when I’m reminded about Bee, or someone talks about my, ah, fairly inglorious history… but Lance is usually here for me to lean on. He reminds me of all the good things that have happened lately.

41) If you were any super hero, you'll be...: I have my own superhero; I don’t know that I’d want to be one.

42) Favourite movie? I’m not sure what this means, sorry.

43) What is your current occupation? Full time postmech for YellowDart courier net, Tysta branch, but I’ve been angling at that part-time councillor’s post for a while… My good track record working for the police should support my application pretty well, I hope? (And I’m sure I can spin the, ah, ‘exotic dancing’ thing in my favour, with a bit of effort, if anyone’s heard about it...)

44) Who do you know that bugs you? Isn’t the point of bugging someone to do it without their notice? I guess they’re good at it, if I’ve been bugged lately, because I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. I’ve “worn a wire” a few times when I worked for the police, too, if that counts.

45) Have you 'done it' in the past month? What’s a month? And what is ‘it’?

46) Ever think about getting married? What is this? Is it like bonding? We’ve… considered it, but that’s as far as it’s gone so far. My fickle spark frets that it’s a little too permanent. What if I mess up again, and Lance wants to leave me? Dissolving a bond takes a lot of work.

47) Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex? What is a sleepover? I’m not sure I’m a very good person to be answering this survey, you know.

48) When was the first time you 'did it'? Did what, a sleepover? I haven’t.

49) Do you have any piercings anywhere? No. Drilling holes in one’s superstructure sounds inherently unsafe. I have had the occasional surface detailing in the past, but I lost that when I went for a refit, and have nothing at present. I’m thinking about getting some linework, though…

50) Who do you tag? I don’t, routinely – tagging is a council job, and linked to addresses, so it’s usually already been done for me. Post would get lost, otherwise. I suppose if they’d literally just moved into the area and needed help with indexing, I could help out? But I wouldn’t do it without being asked.


There's a second meme I've started to fill in, as well - structured more as a profile sheet than this ask-your-characters-questions type - but I need to think more about some of the questions before I can post it.

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