Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

I am sad

LJ, you make me sad. "Update #98" - if it is all the things people say it is, because (thankfully?) my browser still shows all the old features I liked, not this horrible "LiveJumblr" friends page and broken functions - might be what makes me finally go over to Dreamwidth properly. I've not liked many of the recent updates, but I've stuck with it... but the "infinite/scrolling" friends page, sameface style, etc... might be the last straw. :( We shall see.

Makes me sad, because Dreamwidth hasn't got all the communities I liked on here, but then I've noticed a slow downwards trickle of posts in them anyway.

I liked LiveJournal because it was LiveJournal. I don't use the other sites because the "populations" are lower or they don't have the functions I liked. But then, it's been known for a while that the new LJ staff don't give a shit about their existing userbase; they said as much in an article a few months ago. They're just covetous of Tumblr's customer base (or Facebook's, or Twitter's, or etc).

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