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I am sad

LJ, you make me sad. "Update #98" - if it is all the things people say it is, because (thankfully?) my browser still shows all the old features I liked, not this horrible "LiveJumblr" friends page and broken functions - might be what makes me finally go over to Dreamwidth properly. I've not liked many of the recent updates, but I've stuck with it... but the "infinite/scrolling" friends page, sameface style, etc... might be the last straw. :( We shall see.

Makes me sad, because Dreamwidth hasn't got all the communities I liked on here, but then I've noticed a slow downwards trickle of posts in them anyway.

I liked LiveJournal because it was LiveJournal. I don't use the other sites because the "populations" are lower or they don't have the functions I liked. But then, it's been known for a while that the new LJ staff don't give a shit about their existing userbase; they said as much in an article a few months ago. They're just covetous of Tumblr's customer base (or Facebook's, or Twitter's, or etc).


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Nov. 1st, 2012 08:32 am (UTC)
To be honest, I haven't really been able to get any of the "new updates" to load anyway, apart from some horrible broken pages that made my Kaspersky flinch about viruses. I was mostly going on what I'd read in the "update" and the screenshots have posted, so maybe it was a little more knee-jerk than it should have been.

I'm a little more reassured now the staff have made an update explaining (or maybe subtly backpedalling?) that you can DISABLE most of the new features they're implementing. And it DID encourage me to get my Dreamwidth set up a little better, so at least there was something practical about it. XD

(It would help so much if they posted an English-speaking update at exactly the same time as the Russian update, so there would be less outraged Chinese whispers going on.)
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