Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Website update

For the first time in... two years? Eek... I have got my website up-to-date.

( Follow the fake cut to see what's new... )

...all right, I'm not sure there's really anything NEW-new, from me (edit: OK, the kingfishers might be, but I'm not sure anything else is) - I'm sure all the art had probably been uploaded at some point in the depths of prehistory. At least it's not all two years old, any more.

Edit: I'm not sure what that is rattling in the flat upstairs (or beside? I can't quite tell not sure) from me, but it's worrying me a little. I can hear it echoing through the walls/ceiling - a pipe, maybe? And it's keeping me awake, which is annoying because I'm at work tomorrow. :(
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