Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Strange Dreams

I'm not sure if it's because "that thing that happens in November" (and no, I don't mean Movember) is coming up, or I've just been eating cheese too late at night, but I've been having a lot of very strange dreams recently.

In one, I'd gone with my family to a sort of... well, it reminded me a little of Prague, if Prague had been a theme park for pre-industrial Europe or England. It looked rather like the designers couldn't decide if they wanted to style it on mediaeval or Tudor England, then threw in a bit of "Bavarian castle" for flavour. We'd only really gone there for lunch, to a pub / cafe thing my grandparents had been to before and knew what to order (which was something really bizarre like "quiche and a fried egg"), but nothing on the menu looked remotely appealing to me.

I made my excuses and said I'd come back once I'd thought what I wanted ("...can't I just have a sandwich?"). Outside, it was quite pleasant and "village-y" - maybe it was an actual real village inhabited by time-travelling kings, I don't know. I went off to look at the lovely weir alongside the pub, and the stables outside the back, and...

It was at that point that I bumped into Whitesides. (...why yes, he does still get about a bit in my brain.) In the stable. Dressed up like a horse, hoofs and all (so he couldn't take it off himself). No, I don't know. I'd seen him earlier, but I can't precisely remember the context, although I do think there had been an element of "kidnapped by crazy monarch" in it. "It's like a horse, but powered by MAGIC, you say? Well it doesn't LOOK like a horse. Fix it!" (Maybe it's my fault? I do call the poor thing my "on call pony" - you know, as in Shank's pony?)

Nobody seemed to really notice him - I don't think anyone was even looking, really, to be honest? - and he was very patient and resigned to his fate, as though it was all some big legitimate exchange and he just had to be patient and they'd let him go again. ("Besides, you know I've had worse done to me.") I was huuugely embarassed on his behalf, but every time I tried to rescue him, I'd have got half the tack off him but something would change and draw my attention away and he'd just be gone. When I found him again, he'd be right back to how I'd previously found him.

"Why aren't you embarrassed, why are you letting them do this to you! Come on, let me help you take that off. You shouldn't let them do it to you!"
Lather, rinse, repeat.

The other dream was bizarrely tame, after the whole Whites/pony experience. XD

It mostly involved Blink running around in drag, trying to make everyone think she was a spur so she could avoid the attention of a rather predatory medusi while she searched for the creature that had turned her biological. Complicating things, there was another fessine following her around, who claimed to be Skydash, similarly turned into a "squishy", but with a case of amnesia, who Blink was trying to protect from the same medusi. What Blink didn't realise was that the fessine wasn't actually Dash, she was a "plant" sent in intentionally by that medusi to try and get information on Dash's operating systems, as (in a shameless rip from the first Bayformers movie, thank you brain ¬_¬) the aliens had kidnapped Dash and had her in cold storage until they could figure out how she worked. Blink was suspicious, as it all seemed slightly too convenient, but-... then I woke up. I'm not sure if the Bee-in-drag thing worked for very long. ¬_¬

Edit: Woo, typos.

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