Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

The dogs across the road...

I THOUGHT I'd not heard these dogs barking for a while - this would explain it. The house has looked totally deserted for months, I haven't seen anyone moving around there, the garden is still a puddle of mud... (It all still looks like a prison, with chicken wire all overhanging the top of the fence - to stop the dogs leaping out, I imagine?)

Ipswich: Man who kept seven dogs, 13 cats, and a fish in “unbelievably squalid” conditions is spared jail - News - East Anglian Daily Times

I case you forgot, this is the guy who dumped his car in my parking space and then abandoned it for months. (He's still causing problems for people who live next door to him, though, as they can't park outside THEIR house.)
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