Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Ugh. This is why I hate working Sundays. The work just trickles on and on and on and never seems to END. The bulk of the work finished just after half-noon, but there's been little dregs keep on creeping in for the 3 or so hours since then.

I've "left work" 3 times in the last 1.5-2 hours, and actually only got as far as home on the last attempt... and the phone rang wanting more TTAs!

I phoned site manager to say "I'm leaving" at about 14:30, 15:00... just on my way out of the door, and my bleep goes off - children's ward, wanting something we don't keep anyway. I offer some alternatives, fair enough.

Off I go, again. I get as far as Heath Road / Foxhall Road roundabout (all of 500-600 metres down the road) and my phone rings - Capel ward, wanting a TTA.
"Didn't I just phone you 30 minutes ago and ask if you had any TTAs, and you sent down the only one you had?"

I dispense that, get back on my bike, pedal off... and the phone rings AGAIN, this time just past the Sainsbury's roundabout (I'm mid-hill at this point). Lavenham, wanting oxycodone for a PCA. "Can you try one of the other wards? You really should have ordered your CDs this morning! ;_; " Fortunately, the nurse is happy to try another ward, so I leave it that she'll get back to me if she can't find what she's looking for.

I get home about 16:30, I've just put some dinner in the oven and am sorting out some soup for dinner tomorrow... and the phone rings. It's the children's ward again, this time wanting a TTA. *headdesk* Fortunately it's not urgent, they're going to let me have my dinner first :P

I'm glad I was cycling because it'd have cost a fortune in taxi fares.
Tags: on-call

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