Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

That "Q" word

I'm watching 24 hours in A&E, and it's funny to see all the things that I recognise at my own place of word. XD

I was watching a nurse talking to a cyclist who fell off his bike at 30mph, and he says "is it always this quiet?"
She says "don't say that! It is a 'Q' day though"
"But it is quite quiet though..."
"Stop saying that word, it's all going to kick off and it'll be all your fault."

The number of times I've had that exact same conversation with people. XD

"It's not... that word... it's calm. You can say calm. It can be calm and busy. It's just never... that q-word."

That's why I never say anything ever when I'm on-call until it's the day after. I try not to even think it. You don't ever want to tempt fate because someone always SOMEHOW hears, and phones you at midnight.

...there's a beautiful sky outside though. And a huuuuge moon; I wasn't expecting it when I looked outside, "omg what the hell is-... ohhh moon."
Tags: on-call

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