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Abi Scott

Again! @ipswichbuses

(Posting from my LJ, as the IHNT firewall blocks twitter.)

This is why I hate school summer holidays - so what if the bus is quiet, if I stand a good chance of MISSING it? It's almost as though someone's decided that as there's no kids to get to school on time, suddenly the timetable for the 6 stops existing. Might as well say, "yeah let's just do away with the timetable altogether. It'll get there... I'unno, eventually." Some of us happen to rely on this bus to get to work on time, getting to the stop 7 minutes before you're meant to be there really isn't fair!

FGS This is what I mean. I catch the bus from the Nacton Road "Cranes" stop. The bus is supposed to get to the Thrasher (about 30 seconds drive around the corner in normal traffic) at 7:48, if you believe the timetable. I aim to get there 5-10 minutes early, so I don't have to run to catch it and dice with death crossing the road.

Doesn't help when it gets there at 7:41-and-a-bit. Last week, I missed it, because it sailed past me at about 7:41 (or maybe a bit earlier). This morning, I was a tiny bit earlier, and it was 100 yards away just as I arrived at the stop. We got to the hospital at 7:52 (according to the TV with the timetables on it outside the Ettanderson Centre) - it should have barely left Sainsbury's, at this point. I spent most of the journey wondering if this was actually the bus which comes just after half past, and it was a bit late - until we passed that one at the traffic lights on Heath Road, as it had only just left the hospital site.

OK, so I'd be lying if I didn't appreciate getting to work a little early (more time for a cup of tea, and all that, and I don't start until 8:30 normally anyway) but this is getting a little beyond a joke. I would object less if I didn't have to then waste 40 minutes sitting on my ass at the stop waiting to catch the 8:18, which usually gets to the hospital just AFTER I'm meant to start work.

I know, teal deer. What can I say, I'm peeved.

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