Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Balcony birdcount!

A new bird has been recorded!
Collared dove (plucking up the courage to fly down and peck at the seed the starlings have thrown on the floor)

I have two new ones since last week, too:
Goldfinch and rook (seriously, wtf'ed at this one. A rook, on my fatball feeder? I'm... not sure you know what you're meant to do, birdie.)

The balcony has increased in popularity a bit. :) Last year, I was lucky to get starlings; this year I've had a huge variety of visitors:

Great tit
Blue tit
Dunnock / "hedge sparrow"
Wood pigeon
Pied wagtail
Collared dove
Goldfinch (just passing through...)
Collared dove
Magpie (hiding in the corner behind a plant pot, frightened the life out of each other when I went to put some feed out)
And there's been long-tailed tits in the trees in front of the building (I think they're limes) but not on the balcony yet.
I've heard my black redstart, but not seen him recently. I saw the baby on my balcony last year. :) I hope I get to see it some more this year.
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