Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

The drought continues

Ever since the 1st April, the rain hasn't stopped. There's flood warnings in place across the country... and we're still (officially) in a drought, because the water-table is so low. Typical!

The roundabout near the Ravenswood estate has a big sign up this morning - "Flood!" What they mean is, after the deluge we had last night, there's a big puddle taking up half the road. It's a good job I decided not to cycle today (I was on-call last night), because I'd have had to wade across it.

They should have declared the hosepipe ban 6 months ago, then we might have got rain when we were meant to. :P

Lastly, I emailed myself some links, from home, and YET AGAIN I haven't received the email. In fact, over the course of the last few weeks, I haven't received ANY of the emails I've sent myself from my Gmail. The hospital has always blocked access TO webmail - as in, you can't log into it - but they'd not overtly blocked receiving emails FROM Gmail.

You can't save to USB sticks (unless they're encrypted), you can't email yourself stuff... I wonder how they think we're meant to take stuff home to work on? <:P My options now are: my nhs.net email (or burn stuff to CD to take it home). That's pretty much it.


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