Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Scary on-call?

It's been a really peculiar day today - veeerrry quiet on-call, hardly any charts coming down, I went home at 2:30pm*, and aside from one call at... 4pm-ish from a ward looking for a chart that we sent back in their red bag, no calls all day...

So, as I was tired, I watched "Silent Witness", and went to bed.

Within LITERALLY 30 seconds of me getting into bed, my phone rang. Argh. (It wouldn't be so bad except it's guaranteed to frighten the life out of me, and then I'm huffier than I need to be. It doesn't help my mood that the nurse I'm trying to speak to keeps saying "I can't hear you, you need to speak up" - so I'm pretty much shouting at my mobile phone, and she still can't hear me, although she's as clear as a bell for me.)

And what life-saving urgent medicine do I have to come in for?

..."Clog zapper". *headdesk* (I try the usual suspects before I come in, and they don't have any, and the out of hours cupboard is out, too. Oh well. I tried.)

(* - I would have gone home earlier, except that I'd advised a doctor on what "dry eye" preparations we had, he said "great! I'll write them up within an hour and send them down to you to dispense"... and then didn't)

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