Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Someone can't count?

Because a friend at work had been asking about my writing, I wanted to say how long my current work is compared to "Twilight" (because I know it's a book she's read). As in, "it's about as long as..." etc. I've just never read Twilight myself*, so I don't know how they'd compare, ha.

So I went off and Googled around a bit:
On 28 Aug 2010: "Stephanie Meyer said on a talk show how many words she has typed for these books, and these are the numbers for each. In Twilight- about 174,000 words."

On June 14, 2011, "according to Stepheniemeyer.com, the first Twilight book had 130,000 words."

(And these are just her figures, there's another hit that said it was only 115,362 words.)

So apparently, Twilight has shrunk by at least 4/5ths of a NaNoNovel. HMM.
(MM is currently hovering around 130,000 but only 125,000 is "published", the rest is scribble)

In other news, I have a bee-baby appeared in MM that reminds me of Flash. I'm not sure why. ¬_¬
"For his part, the baby acted like she wasn’t even there, not even when her comb tugged at the tangles, dedicatedly stuffing his tiny face with fruit and fish, wing-discs fluttering involuntarily in enjoyment."

(Tonight is my first of THREE on-calls this week. Today, Sunday and Weds. *going to be dead by Weds*)

* - I tried, but it made my brain hurt. I know I'm hardly one to talk, but it was like stumbling onto bad fanfiction on ff.net. :(
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