Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Sketchbook 2013 IS HERE!

WOO. *signupped* I got the email 15:20, signed up 18:30 XD

This year, I'm going to try and NOT be rubbish. The first year, I got disillusioned by the thin-ness of the paper. The second year, I forgot about it for a while and had to rush to get it finished and posted, which made me sad.

THIS YEAR, I'm going to have a tidy flat, space to work, and I'm going to try and spread the work out a bit better, and end up with something I'm 100% please with, not 75% pleased with. ^__^

I'm not sure what my theme is going to be, this year. Last year, they had specific themes, like "prehistoric" (mine) or "road trip" or "storybook", which you chose when you signed up. This year, the options are Travelogue, Memoir, Narrative, Atlas, Almanac, Chronicle, Sketchbook, Chapbook (a what? I had to look it up), Documentation, Photo Log. Mine is a "I'll choose my category later", right now...
Edit: I'm glad I looked up "chapbook" because I might end up doing that, haha. XD Not the poetry, as such, but the writing and ephemera and stuff.

...My "Mystery Project" stuff hasn't arrived yet though. I'm still wiggling about what colour and theme I'm going to get.
Tags: art, sketches

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