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More pictures!

First, artiness.
Halli Halli
A sort of sketchy, "working doodle" of Halli. I'm still trying to pin down the species' final look; they're even LESS birdy than they used to be. She's descended from a flightless alien bird, for want of a better description.

She's of the "sanuki" race, which means she's fairly strikingly coloured - primarily reddish/russet in skin-tone, with paler areas around her eyes and on her cheeks, dark lips and a dark stripe up her nose and over her head.

Aron, the little male/"drae", is clavare; he's a lot paler, with darker eyestripe. (He reminds me a little of a badger. :P)

And some more pictures of "my wildlife".
Great tits Great tits
As in, the bird. And all right, OK, it's 3 shots of the same bird - but that foils my desire to make puns.
Hop-along Hop-along
You can't tell from this photograph, but this adorable little ball of fluff only has one leg.

When I first saw it, one leg was dangling pathetically behind it, and it looked like a huge effort to perch on anything because the leg would catch on things. The leg looks like it's possibly dropped off altogether, now. :( It doesn't even look like it's tucked up in its fluff, just... gone. Everything is still a huge wing-flapping effort, though. I suppose it must be really hard to balance.
Hop-along Hop-along
My one-legged robin lunging for a crumb that's fallen down off the fat-ball holder. I put out a whole dish of food (you can see it in my pigeon photos), but apparently the fat-balls are better.
Hop-along Hop-along
"What'choo looking at, anyway? Stop taking photos, person."
Hop-along Hop-along
Action shot! A fluttering lunge for another morsel. Seriously, this poor little bird goes to such a huge effort to feed itself; it must be exhausting.

I've not actually seen him/her for a few days, so I'm a little worried. I keep putting food out - the pigeons aren't eating ALL of it - but I've not seen either "Hop-along" or its mate recently.
Hop-along's friend Hop-along's friend
They're either mates, or just... unnaturally pacifist. They don't fight when they're together at the feeder, at least.
Muted Sun Muted Sun
On one side of the flat, the sun was peeking out through a really heavy, black cloud.
Twinkling Rain Twinkling Rain
That feeble, clouded sun gave some beautiful twinkling rain...
Evening Rainbow Evening Rainbow
...and on the other side of the flat, a full rainbow! (Although it was so much brighter and more beautiful in real life.)

There's a pair of pudgy little dunnocks going crazy out there as I type this. We've just had another hailstorm - I think we've had... five or six in the last few days? - so they look rather windswept and buffetted around, like they have huge poofy skirts on.

Edit on 16/04/2012:
Panic over! Hop-along was back in the feed dish tonight. :) Phew!
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