Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
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Art and work

This looks quite exciting! I signed up! I wonder what my colour and prompt will be. *taps lips thoughtfully*

I need to get my art groove back on. I haven't done any proper arting in forever, and I want to design some creatures to go onto Hesger, the "Memento Mori" planet. I have a few ideas - a cursorial reptile, like a dog-croc (I saw some extinct Eartly ones in a palaentology 'zine and I went "ooh awesome", and a sort of "deer-bird".

I want to get the hooting deer down on paper, particularly; I see them as somewhere between a muntjac (with the little tusks) and a klipspringer (with those little tiptoe hoofs), but with stubby little paired "trumpet" horns, shaped more like the crest on a parasaurolophus. They're actually extensions of the nostrils, used as a sounding chamber to form musical "hoots". They might again be related to birds, as they tend to roost and keep in constant contact with little calls and tweets. Their only major predators are the Blights left over after Heff decimated the Hesger population.


Work today was interesting. ¬_¬ I think I gave some poor little medical information officer at sanofi-aventis a hard time. "I've not been here very long" he says, as some bolshie MI pharmacist (me) gets onto him for his company's rubbish SPC/datasheet (which has all the info you need on how the product works, the dose, side effects etc. Supposedly).

At least he got back to me quickly, even if it wasn't very helpful. Essentially, to get the licensed dose, that the company will support... you have to manipulate the product in an unlicensed way, which they won't?

E.g.: You use 50mg/kg/day to treat some form of infantile spasm/epilepsy, which might require a 200mg dose, if you have a 4kg baby. Company agree that that is fine! They even gave dosing advice on what to use on the SPC. However, they only make 500mg doses. So you have to give a portion of the sachet... which is unlicensed and the company won't support, if you do it it's a clinical decision and you're on your own, mate. What? So... why do they even bother to advise it, if you can't actually DO it, in a licensed way?

I'm not sure how they got that past the MHRA. O_o

(I did feel sorry for the poor guy I was arguing with, but equally, why bother having a "Medicines Information" department if all they're allowed to do is parrot their SPC? I already READ that, it was the first thing I did. It didn't help.)

Edit: Oh! And exciting news. (For me, anyway). FINALLY, the broken down unroadworthy untaxed car that's been parked in my parking space for the last 6 months? IS GONE. HAAaaa. I walked around the corner when I got home from work and WHOA. Empty parking space. Nice surprise. :)

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