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Just had one of the stranger dreams I've had in a while.

I think I must have still been at university, because I was working on my final-year project - well, after a fashion. In the real world, I looked at calystegines, which are "polyhydroxyl nortropane alkaloids"; We were looking at their potential as glycosidase inhibitors, I think (it's been a while since I did it). In the dream world, I was looking at... well, I'm not sure. We first had to crack some mathematical code, and once we'd done that we'd use that code in lab-work, which I think had some sort of investigatory theme, looking at the genetics of some very rare Spanish bird. My tutor (who looked suspiciously like the current consultant on my real-life ward) was getting very excited about it and saying how the work would help preserve the species, etc etc.

...aaaand I'd basically forgotten about it for six months, leaving me three months to do all the research and finish it, and I was panicking about it a bit, trying to work out what I was going to say to my tutor. I hadn't done any actual lab work at all; essentially all I'd done was some of the group work with the other people I was working with. Which involved drawing a circle, drawing a series of equidistant points around the diameter of the circle, and then joining them up with straight lines, and trying to work out how many straight lines were needed to join all the dots up.

I have no idea how this was supposed to help the rare bird (which looked rather like a thrush with an orange breast, or an overgrown robin). ¬_¬

It didn't help matters that in the non-university world, there was some kind of world-destroying threat brewing - possibly extra-terrestrial, I'm not sure - and all the richest nations in the world were trying to counter it. They were trying to work out how to destroy the threat, as they couldn't use modern fighter aircraft or missiles because it could "see" them and would destroy them. So instead, they gathered together as many working WWII aircraft as they could find, and were going to use them to drop a series of nuclear devices on "the threat" because it wouldn't be able to see them.

The rest is muddled and I can't really remember a lot, apart from some very strange artwork, and a load of women from a (very very small, there was only about 30 of them there) "Arts and Crafts" convention leaping up and down from behind a very low wall. :P

I've had a couple of dreams already about "end of the world" scenarios, recently. I hope it's not an omen. :P


Apr. 8th, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
Well according to the Mayan Long Count calender (or maybe just the conspiracy theorists), the world is going to end sometime this year. ;P

The idea of alien invaders not being able to see WW2-era aircraft is a cool one. I remember thinking back when I was playing with my silly TF07/WW2 crossover that despite the less advanced technology it would actually be harder for the Decepticons to take control because of the lack of computers and automated systems for them to hack and/or disrupt.
Apr. 11th, 2012 08:44 pm (UTC)

The world is only ending because London is hosting the Olympics. The world will either self-destruct because of the complete thermonuclear breakdown of the 100-year-old transport system, or implode in complete incredulity because of the NON-complete thermonuclear breakdown of the 100-year-old transport system. XD

And yeah, I think that was the gist of the reason for using old aircraft - that or maybe PFFFF HAAA HAAA WHAT IS THAT HOW IS THAT EVEN FLYING I DON'T EVEN

Although I don't remember there being that much logic at the time. XD
Apr. 13th, 2012 07:02 am (UTC)
*lols at the comic*

I remember now crazy it was in Vancouver in 2010 - and the Summer Olympics are supposed to be bigger, right? Then again nothing went too terribly wrong with the transit then, mostly because they planned it pretty well.

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