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More photographs

Well, I WAS going to upload some photographs to my Flickr, this lunch time - they've started to demolish the old Crane foundry near where I live - but the hospital internet connection is misbehaving and I imagine I'll have to just wait until I go home tonight. :(

At least I can post some other photographs on here. :)

A different kind of flying doom. Not content with troughing all the food itself, my pigeon has now started bringing a little friend along.
Pigeons, part deux Pigeons, part deux
Oh, there's two of you? Great. I'll just make plans to spend even MORE money on food for you to throw all over the place.
Pigeons, part deux, 2 Posessive pigeon
I'm not sure if he's making a point to me, by standing IN the food tray. THIS IS MY FOOD, GO AWAY. Is that really necessary? :P
Pigeons, part deux, 3 Pigeons, part deux, 3
Pigeons, part deux 4 Pigeons, part deux, 4
That bird has REALLY BIG, creepy pupils. ¬_¬

And a little more of the garden!
More daffodils in bloom! More daffodils in bloom!
I was so pleased to see more were coming out and NOT DYING that I took another photo, haha. And see in the top corner? I interrupted someone's supper, s/he didn't realise I was there - and I didn't realise HE was there until after he'd already flown away.
Robin! Robin!
"Hmm, I'm sure there was a brown blob in that last photo, but it's gone." *flick through photos on camera* "OH, it was a bird!" I'm sure he was somewhat disgruntled by the fact I was in his way.
Clematis Clematis
The resurrected clematis. It spent all winter as a dry brown mostly-snapped-off stick and I was just preparing to dig it out and put a new one in... and it must have heard me, because it's gone crazy over the last couple of weeks. I need to secure it to the fence with some wire, because it blows a gale across here and it'll only get snapped off again.

And finally... at last, after years of not having a camera with me at the right time, I caught her on camera.
Dauntless Dauntless!
Seeing my little space-ship in bus form always amuses me, in an "I went home on Dauntless today! XD" kind of way.
The same way it's not JUST a blue Subaru Impreza, when I see one, it's Slipstream.
Dauntless, closeup Dauntless, closeup
"Oh, you're not a bus geek are you?" one of my colleagues says, when I get on after her.
Authors are such misunderstood creatures. *melodramatic swoon*

Edit: Rrgh, why does LJ make it so hard to find the pics/galleries management page?
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