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Spring is sprung, the grass is ris

I wonder where the birdies is?

Oh yeah, wait, no, I know where the birdies is - the pigeons, at least. ON MY BALCONY, TROUGHING THROUGH THE FOOD DISH. Hurr.

( Remember This? )

Well... :3 MY DAFFODILS ARE OUT! eeeee
Daffodils! Daffodils!
At last, we have bloom! I was looking out of the kitchen window while I was washing up, and happened to notice a daffodil in the reflection on the window. After thinking "ooh, I wonder who they belong to"... I realised it was MINE! Soooo I had to get my camera out and run around taking photographs. :3
Daffodils 2! Daffodils 2!
The clump of little bulbs down in the front corner of this photograph are grape hyacinths; they looked like little dry husks of dead bulb and I mostly forgot about them. I had to hastily plop them down in the tub when they began to grow in one of my cupboards. ¬_¬
Daffodils 3! Daffodils 3!
The first bloom! Teeechnically, most of the "flowers" are still in bud, and I've had one bud that's been "half out" for about a week, so I think it's done all it's going to...
Daffodils 4! Daffodils 4!
My little spring garden.

I love the way the whole world seems to have gone *BUD!* in the last week, with all the trees covered in little blobs of bright green. At the other end of the balcony, the clematis that I was convinced I had finally killed last year (the stem broke in half and it looked pretty dead) is also making a spirited recovery. :3

I'd like to have a firecracker vine, eventually, but I'll have to work out how to grow it first. My parents have one in their garden, and I love it, I use it in most of my art that requires some form of flower. XD

I did also capture the "food thief" - I wondered why the tray of food that used to need topping up once a week or so was suddenly ending up emptied over the course of a day... and then I worked it out.
Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon
This is the shameless bird that eats 50% of the food I put out for the little birds like the robins and dunnocks. (The other 50% is eaten by the mob of starlings, who seem to prefer to throw a load of it on the floor. At least the robins are happy to eat that.)
Wood Pigeon 2 Wood Pigeon 2
It seems completely unafraid of me - it doesn't move if I approach the balcony, and only lumbers off if I open a door or a window. I was literally only a metre or so away when I took this.
Wood Pigeon 3 Wood Pigeon 3
"See how much I don't care, human, look at me looking away to show you how little I care that you're coming over with your scary black box."

...this is all before the snow returns, of course. The weather is clearly gearing up to be rubbish just in time for the school Easter holidays.
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