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Happy Mother's Day?

Quick primer on the situation:
I bought my Mum some flowers from Interflora, as it's Mother's Day. Sunday delivery cost extra, and I paid an additional fee on top of that so they turned up this morning ("before 1pm"), so she had all day to enjoy them, but it's Mother's Day, a little extra was no big deal.

It's 3:40pm, and there's still nothing been delivered.

Their order tracking has said "Order out for delivery" since at least 8:20am (that was when I first checked it), and at about 3:10pm changed over to "delivered" - but my Mum hasn't actually had anything delivered yet.

Yeah, I'm a little disappointed. :( It's almost as bad as in 2005, when nothing turned up until MONDAY. (Although that was a different florist, something like "flowers.com". I've never had a problem with Interflora, until now.)

Edit: OK, just got off the phone with their customer services:
"She's had to mark them all as "delivered" because she's closing up the shop now (presumably as it's 4pm and it's a Sunday?), she still has three drivers out making deliveries."
- sure, but she marked it as delivered almost an HOUR before she closed the shop. *sigh*

Some days I wish things just... went to plan. Like that broken-down car that's been in my parking space for over 6 months. According to RMG (the management company for this block of flats) it supposedly belongs to the guy at 60 Bonny Crescent - the guy who got fined for not clearing up his dog's poo for months on end - but from my point of view, it's been abandoned, since he's dumped it there (unroadworthy, broken down and no tax) and hasn't been back to it once. I class that as "abandoned".

Edit2: OK, it's 4:30 and they've FINALLY arrived. So much for the Interflora customer services getting back to me "in 5-10 minutes" (at 3:55, and they still haven't).


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Mar. 21st, 2012 07:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I already got the full refund. They didn't haggle over it, so no worries there.

To be honest, right now I feel quite sympathetic to the poor florist, as they're getting punished for something the company as a whole did (as it's the small local florist that has to issue the refund, not any central "main" business). Interflora are promising something on the website that it's impossible for the florists actually providing the service to achieve (even if they're working flat out), especially on really busy days like this.
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