Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Happy Mother's Day?

Quick primer on the situation:
I bought my Mum some flowers from Interflora, as it's Mother's Day. Sunday delivery cost extra, and I paid an additional fee on top of that so they turned up this morning ("before 1pm"), so she had all day to enjoy them, but it's Mother's Day, a little extra was no big deal.

It's 3:40pm, and there's still nothing been delivered.

Their order tracking has said "Order out for delivery" since at least 8:20am (that was when I first checked it), and at about 3:10pm changed over to "delivered" - but my Mum hasn't actually had anything delivered yet.

Yeah, I'm a little disappointed. :( It's almost as bad as in 2005, when nothing turned up until MONDAY. (Although that was a different florist, something like "flowers.com". I've never had a problem with Interflora, until now.)

Edit: OK, just got off the phone with their customer services:
"She's had to mark them all as "delivered" because she's closing up the shop now (presumably as it's 4pm and it's a Sunday?), she still has three drivers out making deliveries."
- sure, but she marked it as delivered almost an HOUR before she closed the shop. *sigh*

Some days I wish things just... went to plan. Like that broken-down car that's been in my parking space for over 6 months. According to RMG (the management company for this block of flats) it supposedly belongs to the guy at 60 Bonny Crescent - the guy who got fined for not clearing up his dog's poo for months on end - but from my point of view, it's been abandoned, since he's dumped it there (unroadworthy, broken down and no tax) and hasn't been back to it once. I class that as "abandoned".

Edit2: OK, it's 4:30 and they've FINALLY arrived. So much for the Interflora customer services getting back to me "in 5-10 minutes" (at 3:55, and they still haven't).

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