Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Memento Mori, Chapter 23

I did actually post the actual chapter earlier, but it was quite early in the morning and I decided to do the copy pasta to here and my Dreamwidth later.

( Fake cut to chapter 23 (Dreamwidth Mirror) ) In which Halli and Rae unwisely set out into enemy territory, but maybe make a new ally in the process, and Tevak... tries to show his softer side, but Blink isn't buying it. She's going to have to make a decision soon, though, because she's already hallucinating, and she can't stay in the basement forever...

111467 200000

I have a week off work, and I wanted to push to get my first draft finished this week, but I also had plans to buy a wardrobe and clear out some of the junk in my study, so finishing this might take a back seat to everything else.

I really want to finish it, though, because I have so many unfinished stories hanging around. *shakefist* I still need to finish editing up "Thunder Daughter", so I can publish it - it took a bit of a back seat when I started Nano last November.

Hurr. So much to do, so little time to do it.

Lastly, I need to go and pick up my laptop sometime this week, as well (hopefully, *fingers crossed*) - yes, it is taking a long time to sort out, that's because the first time I went to pick it up, on the day they texted me (and reminded me!) that it would be ready on... it wasn't. In fact, they hadn't done ANYTHING because the guys that were supposed to be fixing it lost the questionnaire on which were the details of what they were supposed to be doing - but instead of phoning me, to tell me so, they waited until I came all the way in to the store (...but didn't tell the in-store guys either, who had to phone around to see where it was). That was the day I also missed the last bus home from the station (by about 2 minutes, and it was early anyway) and because no-one on Ravenswood ever needs to leave their home any time after 7pm, according to Ipswich Buses, had to walk all the way home (according to GoogleMaps, 3.69969 miles), in the rain, in the dark.
Tags: # sapere5: memento mori (nano11), character: blink, character: rae, nanowrimo

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