Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

New Year, New Weather?

OK, it's not really new - the weather or the year. (My internet hiccuped on New Year and I forgot to go back and post something ¬_¬) So without further delay:

Happy New Year!

*obligatory mention of the end of the world being nigh*

The weather's fairly aggressive at the moment:
Suffolk: Tree and power cables down as strong winds batter region - News - East Anglian Daily Times

I've lost count of the number of people I spoke to this morning at work who groaned about how horribly they'd slept, last night. I woke up several times, too - either because of the wind groaning through the holes in my windows, or the torrential rain blasting against the glass (or both). The couple who lived in the flat before I moved in cleverly took the vent covers off the window so they could screw a roller blind up - instead of drilling fresh holes into the wall and putting the blind up on that, they took part of the window frame off and screwed the blind into the holes that were left behind.

If it's anything like yesterday, the "upstairs" part of the pharmacy building will groan and shudder all day. Feels like tempting fate, joking about the roof blowing off.

Happy New Year! To celebrate the new year (very, very belatedly), I made a wordcloud. :) I told the program to do a Google search for "happy new year", and generated something... clunky, so I went through and removed the little words that annoyed me - mostly non-"new year" ones like Ive, low, PC, way, therapy, medication and awful. 2 words confused me: "challengin" (seriously, world. "Challengin"? *headdesk*) and "phinsider" (and I have no idea what phinsider is or what it* has to do with a happy new year.) After my tweaking, this came out! OK actually I wanted an excuse to play with wordclouds. I'm going to make a MM one later. ^_^

(* Edit: I have since googled it. I still don't know why it's so high on the "happy new year" list. ¬_¬)

Lastly, thanks to garedeuropa I now have a Dreamwidth account; I'd been trying to get one for some time (in part because of the unreliability of LJ). I don't think I'll post anything ADDITIONAL over there that I don't post here - at least, not yet? - but hopefully it'll remain more reliable than LJ.

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