Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Memento Mori - Chapter 15

I notice after posting this chapter that there's a few typos in here, and some hanging sentences I haven't finished for some reason. I kind of think there should be a bigger deal made of Blink's gift, but I can add that later. (I don't have enough lunch left to fix it now, dammit.)

Anyway! Onwards:

( Fake cut to Chapter Fifteen ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which Sadie puts her foot in it, and Tevak comes to visit the "newlings".

63857 100000

Edit: too many divs in this post, and I'm not talking about Tevak.
Tags: # sapere5: memento mori (nano11), character: blink, character: rae, nanowrimo

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