Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


A14: Crash blocks road near to Orwell Bridge - We got stuck in this on the way home. There was much bawwing from the people I was at the stop with when the bus turned up 20 minutes late ("I bet he'll make an excuse about the traffic, *huff huff*"), and just past St Augustine's roundabout traffic just... stopped. XD It must have taken about 30 minutes to cover a 3 minute stretch of road.

Little wreaths I have at last got my little wreaths up on my front door. ^_^ Cute, n'est pas?

They're technically "candle-wreaths", that you put around the bottom of those chunky candles, but I decided they could go on my front door. (I have a big wreath. but it's a pain to hang, because I can't go drilling holes in my door, and it's too heavy for the "string technique" have going on here.)

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