Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Broken door again

*sigh* So I get home from work tonight to find it's the annual event of "oh look the lock on the apartment block external door is broken again". Last year there ended up being no lock in the door at all, for several months, just a great big hole where the lock should have been - now you can't get the lock OPEN from the outside. You can't actually get your key all the way into the lock to open the door, now. It was admittedly getting stiff, recently - so I wonder if someone's gone and snapped the end of their key off in the lock?

I've reported it (well, I've tried to, the number they provide goes through to an answering machine so I might have to try again tomorrow if they don't reply to the message I left), and they better do a better job of fixing it than they did last year. Actually, it better be fixed before saturday; I can't go ringing the neighbour's doorbells at stupid o'clock in the morning, and at the moment that's the only way into the block. >:(

Edit: OK so I've rigged the door so people can get in. (I've tied a Tizer lid to the latch so it doesn't shut all the way. ¬_¬) It's that, or ring people's doorbells in the early morning when I come back from on-calls, and I can't be inflicting that on other people.

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