Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Adventures in food

So, a brief primer. I've always been a bit adventurous with my diet - if there's something unusual on the menu, I'll usually have that. So, this evening's dinner was...?

Ostrich! And no, it doesn't "taste like chicken".

I've had it in the freezer for months - I bought it in Lidl, in the summer, put it in the freezer, then ended up putting things on top of it and forgot about it. I uncovered it yesterday and decided YES, I will have ostrich today!

So, what was it like? Well, I enjoyed it. :) Wasn't sure what I'd think, to be honest - I've heard it described as "coarse turkey", and thought it'd be a bit uninteresting (no offence to the turkey, of course) but it's good. Very dark red meat like beef, and very dense, but with the texture of poultry. Just... hard to define the taste. Definitely NOT turkey! "Gamey", I'd say, although not very strongly so. (Even though I always think describing something as "gamey" is a cop out. "Gamey" meats always remind me of liver, or kidney, like in a steak and kidney pie.)

Essentially, it reminds me mostly of pigeon. A very large, flightless pigeon (with the added bonus: no shotgun pellets to remove).

Next adventure? Well, Lidl had a French promotion recently, and I have some snails in the freezer...

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