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Memento Mori, Chapter 7

Some time last year (I think? It might even have been the year before, I lost track) we had a letter sent to us by the management company, saying it was time to paint the communal hallways and they were getting quotes for having this done. Mid-November 2011, and we AT LAST have the painters in. (At least, I assume that's who the laughing Polish guys in the paint-stained overalls are.) There was me thinking it was ridiculous that the garage that got torched in January this year has only just been rebuilt, 11 months after it happened. ¬_¬ (There also seems to be a dude outside using a petrol-driven hedge trimmer to trim the soft little bushes around the bike shed, and the way he's weilding that bit of kit, I'm sure he's going to slice through the toe of his workboots any minute now.)


To the tune of "Follow the Yellow Brick Road":
( Follow the fake cut to chapter seven, follow the fake cut to chapter seven... Actually, no, That doesn't scan very well.) Dreamwidth Mirror In which Rae breaks and enters, and Blink misses her family, again. And the author changes her mind about the planet not having a moon.

28393 50000 (posted words)

I know, this chapter took a while to put up; Monday I was on-call, Tuesday we went to Nandos and then the cinema to see "Tower Heist", and yesterday I was late out of work and knackered, so I fell asleep. I doubt anyone's reading it, though, so go figure. XD
Tags: # sapere5: memento mori (nano11), character: blink, character: rae, nanowrimo

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