Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott


Today is day 2 of Nano. 3333 words is the target. I'm starting the day on 2002 (wrote about 500 before work and in my lunch break, and 1500 afterwards), so... I'm aiming for 4000, so about the same as yesterday. I would probably have written more, except I fell asleep, whoops.

Basically, I want a buffer for those days where I won't be able to write, like when I'm not actually in the country. ¬_¬ It's only two (planned) days, but who knows. The bigger a "buffer" I can make myself, the better. XD Just in case I get stuck in Prague, like happened last year, when we got stuck in Munich because a blizzard closed the airport for about three hours (and our plane got civerted to Nuremburg). It was 2 extra days holiday, sure, but that was 4 whole days of no writing. 6667 whole words! :(

OK I need to stop talking in here and get writing. XD If I can get a hundred or so words before work, and another 500 in lunch, I'll almost be up to my day's count before I go home.

Edit: Although it would HELP if OpenOffice (on my laptop) and Word (on the work PCs) would agree on how many words I've written. OpenOffice says 2002, Word says 1985. WORD HAS EATEN !17! OF MY WORDS. *angerface*
Tags: # sapere5: memento mori (nano11), nanowrimo

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