Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Raspberry syrup is not friendly

Aargh, wtf. What a mess.

I just took a bottle of raspberry syrup (It's a polish product they sell in Lidl every now and then; I use it like squash) out of the cupboard so I could get to something behind it... and clipped it with the cupboard door. Guess what? It fell over. And smashed. A whole, unopened 440ml bottle of syrup. All over my kitchen floor. Oh, and did I mention it was RIGHT in front of the kitchen sink? Which makes it hard to get to the stuff I need to clean it up with, too.

I've mopped up most of it but there's loads of little bits of glass in it. I need a new plan of attack to get the rest of it. >:(.


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