Abi Scott (keaalu) wrote,
Abi Scott

Foggy morning

Woke up this morning to such gloom outside, I thought I'd woken up at 4am (again). Turns out it was actually just fog - I noticed it coming down at midnight, and it was still thick when I set out for work, to such a degree that I had to take my glasses OFF to see where I was going, as they'd misted over. ("Why can't I see where I'm go-... ohhh.") At first, I thought it was just my breath condensing on them, until it stopped clearing away.

I wonder how long it'll take to lift, today - last time it was this foggy, it just... stayed foggy, all day. (Reminds me, I must take some hand towels out when I cycle home, because Whites is guaranteed to be all condensation'ed up again.)

And here's optimism for you:
Suffolk: Reward offered for return of lost cash - News - East Anglian Daily Times
"If you give me back the envelope full of cash I lost, I'll give you £300."
I know I'd hand it in (I'd feel far too guilty not to, to start with), but I wonder how many people would just... keep the envelope instead? (As there must be more money in it than the reward is for.) Especially given the current financial climate, which still doesn't seem to be getting any better.

When I worked in the Co-op, years ago, we found a purse (I think a customer had dropped it outside the shop, too, not left it inside) absolutely stuffed full of money. (There must have been a couple of hundred pounds in there.) We put it in the shop safe, and were about to take it to the police station when the lady finally retraced her steps back to us and picked it up. I think she'd just picked her benefit up from the Post Office, so it was all her money for the whole week.
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