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Sep. 11th, 2011


My desktop is dead.

It's not even 2 years old, yet. I mean, it's been "flakey" since day 1, and has recently been hanging, but now it won't even start up.


Time to phone the engineer, I guess.

Edit: I would be less annoyed if not for the fact my ONLY copy of some of my work is now completely inaccessible. Including my MM plot. Should have known that the one time I forget to take a backup - BECAUSE I was getting annoyed at the machine, BECAUSE it kept crashing - is the one time I needed to take it. And it's actually something I was quite pleased almost satisfied with, because it wasn't too hideously nonsensical (like most of the stuff I end up writing).


*just... depressed, now*


Sep. 15th, 2011 05:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think that must be it - it certainly makes "I am loading, don't rush me" noises when it hangs, but then wasn't getting any further. And thank you for the thought. ^^ Although I think I'd become one of those terrible OH NOES MY COMPUTER IS BORKED types. (But then think of all the money.) XD

It's clocked up a LOT of "windows video hardware errors" on its error reporting side (I think that might be when my screen goes "HERP! But I have recovered!"). When I tried to use "startup repair" (like it suggested), it clonked and bonked and finally went meeeh and fell over, and announced it couldn't perform startup repair because it was fubar.

BUT. Then I bullied it, and after it ate a DVD I managed to get it to start in safe mode, and after that it booted up properly and I've downloaded the important stuff off it. I think it MIGHT be my Kaspersky. ¬_¬ I've read that it can make Windows 7 hang, and when I paused it to let Windows finish loading, it seemed ok-ish again. Might be a fluke, I have yet to try it again.

BAH. I NOT SOFTWARE ENGINUUR. It's not nano but my brain is definitely borked.

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